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10157 - Vegetable Dye Wool Large Rug - 300X400cm


10157 - Vegetable Dye Wool Large Rug - 300X400cm

$6,000.00 $12,000.00

The Story

Patchwork rugs bring back to life the vintage beauties of yesteryear.

It is clear this one will be a favourite, because it combine vitality with subtlety for the perfect combination.

Gee we love this combination of old world and new world, traditional and modern. In fact no where have we seen the two married together in quite the same way.

Simply look at the array of colours in this one, and we are sure you will fall in love with it.

These patchworks are all the rage, and for obvious reason, they extrude so much character and charm that they entice everyone who casts their eyes on them.



300cm X 400cm 



Handknotted by master weavers to give you decades, if not centuries, of use.

The rug is hand-knotted in India.

The rug has a 100% wool pile.


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